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Realis team has 4 years of experience in mobile games developing with tokenized game currency. We are the founders of CryptoSoul mobile game studio, which attracted over 473 000 players all around the world. Sergey Zasorin - Founder Anastasiia Mezieva - HR/Manager Nikita Asachev - Manager Tomas Stranovsky - Head of Community & Growth Nikolay Slobodianiuk - Marketing Kateryna Antonova - SMM Yaroslav Skripka - Game Development Dmytro Shvydkyi - Game Development Egor Babaev - Game Development Illia Saveliev - Game Development Misha Tarasenko - Game Development Ilya Chizhikov - Game Development Oleksandr Shypilov - Game Development Dmytro Bludov - Backend Development Oleksandr Hrytsenko - Backend Development Serhii Starchykov - Backend Development Yaroslav Mironyuk - Backend Development Andrew Havryliuk - Web Development Yurii Litovskiy - Design Anastasiia Syrotina - Game Design Andrey Sokolov - Game Design Vadym Krokhmalnyi - Game Design Viktoria Kleparska - Game Design Mariya Kodanyan - Game Design Evgeniy Gerasimenko - QA Dmytro Bilozertsev - QA Reji Chacko - Community Moderator
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