Create Wallet

Creation MyNearWallet

Visit the website click “Create account” and then “Get started”.

Choose a security method There are two methods available: seed passphrase, Ledger hardware wallet. Let’s review the first and the most simple method.

Secure Passphrase

This option requires you to save a 12-word secret passphrase, and store it somewhere safe or memorize it. The words must be written in the correct order, and the number associated with every word is important. It will be checked during the next stage.

Please keep your seed phrase in a safe and secure place. Remember that MyNearWallet is a non-custodial wallet, so your password and seed phrase is your responsibility only. They are only secure if you store them correctly. If you lose your seed phrase, you lose your funds forever.

Click Continue and enter the requested word.

Then click Verify & Complete and your wallet is created.

For your security, we recommend that you connect 2fa via email in the account section.

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