Key economy functions

LIS token - tokenized game currency, connecting all economic processes within the project and the games. Rating System of Battles - competitive system of leagues and divisions will reveal and improve the game ecosystem, giving the opportunity to set goals, win and earn in-game awards. Tournament - tournaments will motivate players to play and win by getting in-game assets. Lootbox - a game asset that can be purchased for in-game currency, it allows players to get unique game items and various in-game assets attached to the blockchain, create new items, unlock new heroes and upgrade their abilities. NFT - tokenized game item created in the blockchain. It will be able to provide the most transparent and complete information about each item in the game, which will allow to assess their uniqueness and value. Marketplace – a market within the game, where each player will be able to buy or sell all NFT items, we will also give each player an opportunity to withdraw items to his/her personal wallet and interact with the open decentralized markets Game currency - game soft currency for which you can upgrade the hero. You can earn them according to the result of the battle. Play to earn - for winning in the competitive part of the game, players will be rewarded with a portion of the reserved LIS tokens. Staking and Governance - we strive to unite the game ecosystem and users as much as possible. Defi is a key to managing and organically building all processes, $LIS tokens owners will receive a % of all in-game transactions, portion of reserved tokens, weekly/monthly drops with valuable assets. We will provide the ability to propose suggestions and vote to improve game mechanics and become a part of the management to work for the future of the ecosystem.

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