MOBA 3x3 Alpha version

Alpha version of the game is ready - The architecture and technology stack for the server and client have been defined. - Servers have been configured to create game rooms. - Servers, battle search, UI menu. - Logic for creating skills of different complexity is completed.

Client part: -access to all the functionality for the player -lobby battle inventory avatars heroes -client connects to the master -servers and client in C# -client and room in unity -servers in .net framework -Web sockets are used to connect the client to the servers -databases on postgresql -the server uses nhibernate technologies as orm Server part: -Master server distribution to other servers and regions. -Server lobby all interactions in the game. Inventory, currency balances (economy part). -Spawner server rooms where battle rooms are created and launched are located here. Mechanics: -access to the menu -access to the battle -in the avatar’s menu -character selection -battle history -login via site account -registration -logout -changing nickname -battle -system of skills -system of passive skills -battle royale mechanics -damage pool -runes -teleports -invisibility bushes -skill chests

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