Using the in-game purchase model we will build an interesting, fascinating game system by combining Blockchain + Defi + NFT + Gaming model. We're creating the world's first tokenized in-game currency for maximum ease and mass use. The gameplay focuses on having a team of three people and trying to defeat a team of other players, or an AI-led opponent in a variety of game modes. Each of the characters has its own abilities and passive skill, which can be obtained by opening a chest in the game or purchased in the store. Dynamic multiplayer game for mobile with 3v3 battles. Play solo or with friends in a variety of modes in under three minutes! Unlock and upgrade various heroes with powerful abilities, unique skills and items! Level up your heroes and collect unique skins. We will give each player an opportunity to choose a hero from the available collection, dress up and collect their own unique NFT items. Combine several different items into one, everyone will have an opportunity to collect their own unique item on the market.

Features: - Real-time 3v3 battles with players from around the world. - New events and game modes every day. - Playing solo and with friends. - Global tournament system: Open the door to the world of esports with in-game qualifiers! - Special events: Limited time PvE (vs bots) and PvP (vs players) game modes. - Appearance of heroes can be changed using skins, or individual items, players can create their own items combining several into one, in the best traditions RPG genre - Marketplace for the purchase/sale of in-game NFT items - Maximum convenience for players, buy game currency, manage your inventory of items in one tap and have fun, there is no need to know how to work with the blockchain component Main point of user path: - Participating in tournaments in order to win a valuable award - Build a collection of heroes - Upgrade hero using - NFT Improve the visuals to stand out from the rest - Get into the top of the ranking system - Trading NFT items on the marketplace - Create a clan and spend time with friends

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