Game Review

Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) is the most popular competitive game genre that attracts the maximum number of players worldwide. 3x3 MOBA is the first mobile MOBA that combines 2 worlds, gaming and blockchain. 3x3 MOBA is created as a game analogue of Brawl stars - the most popular MOBA concept on the mobile market. Our distinguishing feature from Brawl stars will be more disclosed in-game economy affecting the gameplay component, as well as an expanded system of interaction with the items through which players can improve the abilities and stats of his character, and crafting system, all those features are integrated into the blockchain using the NFT technology. Besides this, in the 3x3 MOBA we will implement a full-fledged competitive system using the most popular tournament game models. We will build a whole world where all users can play, earn and win in-game assets. Using the standard economic game model, which is loved by players around the world, we give users the opportunity to play, visually change the heroes, improve their skills, create their own unique items in the NFT. We will provide our players with a large number of features in the best traditions of the RPG genre.

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